Now listening to my favorite playlist on iTunes, but I can hardly find a song to describe my mood at the moment.

I know I’ve got bad temper all the time, and working for Starbucks has made it smoother, not smooth enough though.
Showed my pokerface to four people yesterday. Three of them are costumers who had no character -“Would you mind please putting your cigarette ash into ashtray? ” and the left one was my master at Starbucks.

I am a bad apprentice.
I didn’t do well in sending out drinks, I was slow at making coffee which made customers waited for extra minutes. I was stressed out and I went off on my master when he blamed me.
It was funny that you were the one who didn’t do well in your job while you were complaining to others.

Losers will complain to others when he didn’t do well in his job, and I am that kind of  loser.

But, I’ll make it. I mean I will be excellent, no one can bring me down if I mean it.

Decided to change myself.
From the way I speaking to the way I walking.

I am camp and emotional- which makes my master and my friends think of me gay.(And of course I am NOT.)
So I guess I have to change myself and make myself a real man.