Secret Love

Met you last night, you were still that beautiful.
I was too nervous to say a word, just stood there looking at you
How wish to froze this moment, being with you forever
Until I realized that it was all in my dream

Told myself to play cool, but I can’t help thinking of you
My cowardliness makes me hate myself
Is it because you are guarding yourself or it’s me lacking of faith
But no one can stop me, I have a crush on you

So here I am, standing all alone, waiting for you at the corner of the street
Open my heart to you, wish you can feel it and accept it

Wish tonight I will still meet you in my dream
Temporary happiness is yet better than without you in my life
It’s OK not to have a happy ending, it’s OK to give up
As long as you can feel my love

I like you, I want you, I love you.