To be a listener

Today after I went off my work, me and another company who works with me at Starbucks had a small chat.
The chat was aimless but I still could learn a lot from her stories and experiences.

Most of time, I am the one who never stops talking in a group.
It’s like I always have a lot of things to talk to people, most of those talks are complaints.

But recently, I found that it would be much better to be a listener in a group,or at least you are not going to be the most talkative guy.
I know myself  enjoy listening to other people’s stories but I didn’t give them enough time telling me their stories cause like what I’ve said above: I was the person who talked a lot.

So, I am gonna change the situation.
I do want to learn something from other people’s stories and don’t want to complain anymore but facing the difficulty and make it over.
To be a listener and an actor.